Outside Looking In EP

by Nathan Leach

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The past year has been crazy. Never in a million years would I have thought that we would go viral, and it's made me realize a few things. First, that I really enjoy making music when it makes so many people happy. And two, a large part of my channel's success was due to the great people and musicians that I've had the pleasure to play with and share in this great experience with.

When I first created my Youtube channel, I had no intention to do anything with it, as it was merely an incentive for me to start playing guitar again. And while it took nearly two years for my videos to receive any recognition, I didn't mind. Making the channel has been one of the best decisions I've ever made because it's instilled in me a deep love and appreciation for listening to and creating music that I never had before.

This EP marks the end of one era of my musical life, and is kind of a farewell to NathanLeachMusic. The success of the past year has made me see how you all want to hear more of Eva, and I wholeheartedly agree. We have both made a pact with each other to really try and pave a musical path together this year. I don't know where this is going, but we can really only go up from here. But I can't just sit by anymore and let these amazing opportunities pass us by.

These are mostly the rest of my original recordings from the past two years that I never got around to sharing. I hope you guys like these songs, and while they are not the most polished or well-produced, just know that I'm going to be working hard this year to refine my craft and explore just how me and Eva can create our own musical identity.

I'm glad that you guys are along for the ride. It's gonna be a long one, but I'm so thankful to have the support of people who genuinely love our stuff. Thanks for your continued support, because it really means the world to us!

--Nathan Leach


released January 29, 2016